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Bringing Mockery into your Unit Test Project

These instructions are for Mockery v0.82

Assuming you have the following components already referenced in your UnitTest project
  • RhinoMocks
  • An IoC container (Autofac v, Unity 1.2 or StructureMap 2.4.9)
  • CommonServiceLocator.Autofac located in autofac contrib

Add the following references in your unittest project:
  • Mockery.Core
  • Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation (CommonServiceLocator)
  • System.ComponentModel.Composition (MEF)

Add your associated Ioc CommonContainer:
  • For autofac, reference CommonContainer.Mockery.Autofac
  • For Unity 1.2, reference CommonContainer.Mockery.Unity12
  • For StructureMap, reference CommonContainer.Mockery.StructureMap

You are now ready to start using Mockery to build your unit tests.

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